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Turning 40: Reflections and Learnings

Turning 40: Reflections and Learnings





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Turning 40: Reflections and Learnings

It’s hard for me to believe that 40 years have passed. I distinctly remember being a kid when my parents turned 40, which is kind of crazy to think. I recall my dad throwing a surprise birthday party for my mom at their church (Church of Our Lady). She was so surprised. I remember thinking my parents were so cool turning 40!

I’ve learned a lot in 40 years. “Learning” is the word I use for knowledge often acquired the hard way.

So many insights from parenthood lead me to new perspectives. This birthday is as much a testament and celebration to my parents for getting me the first two-thirds of the way here.

Highlights and milestones along the way:

  • Created hangman computer game in 8th grade
  • Graduated high school from Bishop Hartley
  • Graduated college with BA in Psychology from The Ohio State University
  • Started Social Firm at age 27
  • Married Sheena in 2014
  • Purchased my first home in 2014
  • 4 Beautiful children – Adelyn, Bodhi, Ava, and Gianna
  • Brought on a business partner, Jason, to Social Firm in 2019
Turning 40: Reflections and Learnings

I realize that the things that got me here, are not the things that will get me where I want to go in the next 10 years. It’s a funny thing, growing up. What I am realizing is that you need to leave some things behind in order to move forward. Sometimes doing less, is doing more, being available for the things that matter most, like God, my children, wife.

I have the gift and curse of being built like a high-revving engine. I need the occasional reminder that it’s ok to slow down and make time to process. Sometimes I have to slow down to go farther and deeper.

If you had the opportunity to know one thing about your future, what would it be? For me, I would want to know, when I am 80, what is the one regret I have about how I spent the last 40 years.

I suspect that it would relate to how I spend my time, finding the right balance between work and family. I need to be more mindful. I need to be present both physically AND mentally. So, I will make more time to slow down, think, process, WRITE, and reflect. And, God willing, I will make my next 40 years of learnings, something I can be proud to share.

Be well and God bless.


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