January 2nd

Happy New Year!

January 2nd is one of the most important days of the year for me, and one that is full of emotions, dreams and reflections.

The older I get, the harder it is to stay up after midnight and be functional the next day, especially if there is celebration in tow. That makes Jan 1st generally a blur, a day where I feel more but think less, until that morning of Jan 2nd.

Ringing in 2023 with the kids.

January 2nd is a clarifying day as the NYE fog clears and day two of our newly minted resolutions begins.

It’s an emotional day – where I deeply feel and recognize the vast expanse of time on reality. I see it in my parents, self and children aging.

I put myself in a space with these constructs wrapped around me and see how I feel. It often gets uncomfortable, but as a result, it moves me; either into, or away from future actions.

It all sets in. Whatever new version of myself I am creating, the start of a reimagined self. The reflections of this stage of life and how my four young kids are growing up – they will never be 7, 5, 4 and 1 again; am I really present and enjoying these little moments?

Am I doing the things I need to do at work to be the leader that our organization needs to achieve our goals? Am I doing the things at home that will allow me to enjoy my children as they are today? Where were my priorities throughout the past year? Where should they be?

Will I start a new challenge or streak? Is it time to start exercising? As I have aged, I have found it is less about all of the trendy things to do, and less about doing; and more about being.

Who am I going to be? Who do I need to be consistently? And once I have that vision, how will I keep it front and center? Recall is so important for me. Without recall, I can get into this dangerous pattern of fantasizing about these great changes & celebrating the mental victory of the idea, without taking the action needed to achieve the end state. I think this may have to do with my desire to delegate the details.

I recently turned 40 years young, and I realize now more than ever, that time is fleeting. I will never have more energy and youth than I do today. The time to take action is now. The time to be the person I want to be is now. I must not let another year slip by without making meaningful progress in my personal growth.

This year, I must be a great father, husband and business owner. There is a list of things I’ll need to DO as a result of these ambitions. There will be an equally long list of things I’ll need to give up to balance the equation.

I believe to be great, I must be intentional, move swiftly, and keep my focus on others above self.

It’s important to remember that others will not necessarily remember what was said to them, but rather the way you made them feel.

This year, I’ll need to remember the way I feel about the things I care about most, and the person I need to be to get the things I want, then I can make real meaningful change in my search to be better.

Be well & God bless.







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