The Beginning

In every story, there must be a beginning. For me, beginning new, taking the first step, or “starting” can often be the biggest hurdle to “doing”. As such, it has taken much too long for me to officially start my blog.

Week after week goes by and I add notes to my notes folder in my phone about blog topics, or concepts that I plan to develop and publish. Yet, no published blog articles, once again.

So, I should clearly define what it is I hope to accomplish, why I am doing this and what I am giving up in order to do this.

I am extremely complex and deep. I hope to peel the onion and get to know myself even better. I want to utilize this knowledge to grow.

I’ve always been a sponge, absorbing valuable information from workshops, eBooks, podcasts, self-help books, business experiences, TV shows, & life events. I want to capture what it is that moves me. When do I feel, something unique, something special, and document.

I also want to work on recall – with all of this information, it is quite easy to forget what I learn, or what I decide I want to do one day, and then it is out of sight, out of mind. So, in an effort to hold myself accountable, I will document the things I am working on, and provide updates (this should help with my health-related goals).

I want to be able to reflect in the future on my mindset, where I was, what knowledge I had at the time, how I reacted to situations & information around me. I find it fascinating to see & reflect on how people grow. yet, I often find myself not wanting to grow up. Sometimes, I wish that my kids would stay the same age now and never grow up.

I also wish to document my life, as I share it with my wife, my children, my family & friends. I hope that in some ways this will serve as a way to keep those who are interested, in the know about my life.

Some additional things you’ll find documented include reflections on things I’ve learned, accountability for initiatives, book & TV reviews, stories about my core values and maybe even my cooking & BBQ adventures.

My hope is I can share things with others that they find interesting, valuable and inform others about the mistakes I’ve made & my journey as I navigate through life’s & businesses challenges.

Life is complex, and inside of my head can be too. Doing this blog is also an exercise in taking what I learn, observe and feel, and simplifying it so I can get to the fundamental core of what I am saying. Saying less, is often more.

I plan to keep each title as short as possible, aiming for 5 words or less. I intend to write at least 1 monthly newsletter each month.

In the near future, I will create an email list and will mail this out as a monthly newsletter. The information I share with you will always be “opt-in” and I will never spam you. You may visit to subscribe, and can always unsubscribe by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails.

Be well & God Bless.






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