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  • Brief Hiatus

    Hello friends, I am taking a brief hiatus from writing and will resume in January. This will allow me some time to get a bigger backlog of posts and topics together while I determine the best way to work writing into my insane schedule. Time management is important, and I want to be sure to…

  • Time: Kairos and Chronos

    Time: Kairos and Chronos

    My entire life, I feel like I’ve been in conflict with managing my time.  It feels like an odd place to be since I am striving for ways to become a better version of myself. Despite being actively aware there is a better way to behave, I have been woefully unable to create lasting change.…

  • The Erney Tourney XII

    The Erney Tourney XII

    I took up the game of golf when I was 17 or so. I remember hitting my dad’s old wooden woods. That was quite an experience. My dad took my brothers and I to a small shop out near Newark, OH and we got our first set of clubs. I loved those clubs. I think…

  • Retirement & The Tour Bus

    Retirement & The Tour Bus

    Most people work to save for retirement. What are you working towards? What are you saving for? Are you too busy to live in the moment? Should you wait?

  • Thank you, friend, I’m sorry.

    Thank you, friend, I’m sorry.

    Have you ever missed an opportunity to be a friend when it really would have mattered to someone? Someone who was a friend to you when you were in need?

  • Ego & Choosing Not to Win the Argument

    Ego & Choosing Not to Win the Argument

    Have you ever been completely convinced that you were “in the right” about something, yet knew that to argue your case would be a moot point?

  • Feeling Blue? Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Feeling Blue? Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Would you be surprised to learn that St. Patrick was never officially canonized as a Saint by a Pope? Or that he was known for wearing BLUE, not GREEN? This month, I did some research on the man behind the day and the history of how and why we celebrate St. Patrick.

  • Giving Direct, Hard Feedback

    Giving Direct, Hard Feedback

    When was the last time you had some critical feedback to give someone, and you took the time to ensure you had built the proper love and trust equity with them first? This newsletter is always a good refresher on how to embrace difficult conversations.

  • January 2nd, New Year’s Resolutions

    January 2nd, New Year’s Resolutions

    January 2nd is a clarifying day as the New Year’s Eve fog clears and day two of our newly minted resolutions begins. It often gets uncomfortable. It’s an emotional day that moves me either toward or away from future actions. As I reflect on this stage of my life, I wonder what new version of…

  • The Beginning – Writing My First Blog

    The Beginning – Writing My First Blog

    In every story, there must be a beginning. For me, beginning something new, taking the first step, and “starting” can often be the biggest blocker to “doing.” As such, it has taken much too long for me to officially start writing my blog. Week after week goes by and I add to the notes folder…